T & S Signcraft can manufacture a wide range of ceremonial swords which includes Scimitar, Infantry Sword, Royal Navy Pattern Sword and Air Force Sword.

With state of the art manufacturing facilities and processes, our swords are made from only the finest materials by skilled craftsmen with years of experience. Apart from manufacturing swords for military, we also specialise in the designing and manufacture of unique swords for presentation to commemorate special events which includes an individually crafted presentation case.

All swords are made from stainless steel and the plated parts of the sword will not tarnish because of our unique manufacturing processes.
We also refurbish swords and scabbards to their original glory. This includes:

  • Dismantling all parts, sanding and preparation to remove rust or blemishes
  • Repairing the grip or replacing it if necessary
  • Attention to pattern on the blade, and re etching if required
  • Polishing and re-assembly in the final process

Please contact us for further information or to discuss your requirements.